Making Linux talk with NT

I would like assistance in making my Caldera Linux box talk to the rest of the network (NT 4.0).

I am able to ping other hosts (by IP Address only).

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You must do a couple of things:
1) you must setup SAMBA on your linux box.  Read through and configure your smb.conf appropriately (it's actually pretty straight forward and well commented)
2)Since nt uses encrypted passwords you must either set the registry entry in nt to allow unencrypted passwords or set your SAMBA server to use encrypted passwords.
It works really well....I am on such a system as I type...

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I am having the same problem, I think.  I guess I posted my question in the wrong spot (see "LAN DNS with Caldera OpenLinux & Win95" in the Linux General section).  I don't think the answer proposed by foxr is relevant at this point (maybe later though).

The problem I am having, as it appears
l8f56 is having, is trying to get the machines to recognize each other by name.  So far, only numeric IP addresses are working.  I can use names by putting the other computer's name and IP address in the /etc/hosts file on Linux, or the <winnt root>\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC\hosts file on WinNT.  

However, I would really like to get DNS lookup working.  If l8f56 does not have this requirement, then the hosts files should work for services like ftp, telnet, etc., and Samba can be installed for WINS compatibility and more integrated file-sharing (at least from NT's point of view - it's still kind of like ftp from Linux's point of view).
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