how do i change my file to be a 16 bit dos file in borland C++ 5.02

I'm trying to use bgi, and i get the error bgi graphics not supported under windows. how do i change it to be a dos program.  this should be an easy question... but it's a little urgent.  thanx in advance
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looking through the menus, I don't see anything obvious.  I would suggest creating a new project (dos, standard, no overlay), then adding your existing .c files to that. If you don't have too many files, that is probably the quickest way to do it.

btw, why not make the new project in a new directory & copy your exisitng source files there too (so as to have a backup) ?
1.       Create a new project but look carefully in the project dialog that pops up. In the lower left you can specify the target platform. Select 16 bit DOS, large memory model. To the right is a frame with some libraries, make sure BGI is checked. Proceed as usual. Finally make sure to Build all to tell the compiler to re-compile all modules (otherwise exisiting 32 bit .obj files may remain...)
2.       Menu, Project then something like Project Manager. Select 16 bit dos. Build All.

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scottismeAuthor Commented:
thanx guys that's all i needed.  u were both helpful, but kanga was a slight bit more helpful so im giving the points to him.  thanx though.
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