Network trouble - Linux NT

I cannot ping my nt box from my linux box & vice versa.  I am using tcp/ip.
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abhikalitraConnect With a Mentor Commented:
On your NT machine TCP/IP may not be installed.
Ping the NT machine from the same machine using both loopback ( and Ip address specified by you

Go to control panel -> Network -> Protocols

Make sure you have TCP/IP there and is properly configured.

Click on properties button and choose
Specify and IP address
choose 192.168.0.x (this is reserved for local networks)
subnet mask :

click OK
Test by performing the following

1: Connect to your Internet Service Provider
2: Ping your ISP's Primary DNS
3: Tracert your Internet Service Providers Domain Name.

If all this fails contact your Internet Service Provider...
zzASLANzzAuthor Commented:
this has nothing to do with the internet.  this is my home network.
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