Soundblaster PCI 64 Setup

I neen to know how I would setup up a soundblaster PCI 64 in RedHat Linux 6.1. Step by step if possible
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nicademusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You have to re-compile the kernel.

Simple as that, and compiling the Sound support for your card as a module, then using "Setup" (just run it from the prompt) to configure the actual options you require with your card, and so it loads the module at start up.

Grifter56Author Commented:
Ok here is what happened I didn't have to recompile my kernel I just had to run setup now the sound works now I need to know how I would turn up the volume because I have the volume on the speakers to almoast full blast to get hearable sound. What is the name of a linux volume control utility?
Grifter56Author Commented:
Nevermind found it
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