How to transfer programs to new computer?

In a couple days I'll be replacing my three-year old 'puter with a new one. I have a few programs on the old drive that I bought strait from the internet, no installation discs or anything. What would be the best way to install these on the new drive. And is there a way at all?
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If the programs are integrated with Win 9x there is no way to do it without mirroring the old drive to the new.

If you do that you may cause problems with system component configuration.

You would also lose your the hardware configuration on your new system.

You can use Norton Ghost to transfer all files on your old harddisk to the new one. (Including your old Windows).
Then, if you want install new windows, install it to the old windows directory. It'll keep your programs.
Get Norton Ghost here : 
or find it in or
in future, have a directory c:/_install and make sure to save the install programs there (zipped). Or put them on a removable drive or burn your own CDs. This won't help you now, but you will presumably be getting another new machine at some time in the future.  If you can't be prepared, tehn at least learn from your mistakes :-)
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Go to the company that you purchased these from.  They should be able to send you the install in one form or another.
1. You can also go down to Radio shack and purchase a "Null Modem" cable. Both versions of 95 will have the option to do a cable to cable hookup, which you can transfer all your files. Appx $25

2. You can purchase a Zip drive to transfer files. Each disk holds about 100 megs. Appx. $150 (+ $15 a zip disk)

3. There are some web sites out there that offer to hold your data. Only problem is that you have to upload, then download again.

4. There is a new protocol out there to let you do networking over your modem line/ phone jack. Only problem is it may be slightly faster than internet, but you are still working on a 56k connection.

Of course there are a ton of other options. I personally would put the old hard drive in the new machine, then copy the files, and remove the old drive. Of couse, you may not feel comfortable in doing that, which is OK.

Too bad we don't live close by to just help you with it.
The best solution to the problem is to use a piece of software call Drive Image Pro.  You could dwonload this demo software from the site:

PLace your second new drive on the secondary cable (usually where the cd-rom is) and boot from the floppy.

Do a drive to drive copy.  

You will have to re-install drivers if your hardware is different, but all programs and data will be there.  

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I don't recommend copying your entire opperating system install to accomplish this.  If you actualy purchased these software packages, the manufacturer will be more than happy to send you the installs for them.
I agree with Jason. You can put the hard drive in the machine, like I commented about before, but there is no need to do a drive copy. Especially because of the fact that you will have more problems then naught.


Here are the facts:

1. Your old computer has programs you wish to keep but, don't have the originals.

2. When you buy a new computer it will most likely have Windows 98

3. Your new computer will be configured to match its specific hardware.

4. Your old computer is configured to match it's specific hardware.

5. If you copy the hard drive from your old computer to the new one the hardware configurations will not match.

6. Your new system will not work with the old computer hardware configuration.

7. Even an expert would have problems getting the new system to work.

8. At the very least you would need to re-install the new operating system over the old.

9. You would then need to re-configure your new hardware.

10. You could void the warranty on your new system.

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