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I'm looking for simple drawing tools like circles, squares, and curves. Mostly I'm wanting to learn how to get a perfect curve selection-line without freehanding it or attempting to use the magnetic lasso. Is there a way to specify endpoints and then drag the center around while the curve follows? much appreciated-
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Adobe Illustrator. Its powerful but its basic toolset will do everything you need. Sure its not cheap but theres not much thats standard that will let you specify endpoints etc and allow you to keep it vector based.
While photoshop is originally designed for photo editing, you can still use it to create originally artwork.  Photoshop has a 'Pen Tool' that works very similarly to the one used in Illustrator.  

This tool allows you to specify endpoints and then using the 'Convert Point tool' under the same icon you can adjust the curve.  The shape will be loaded in the Paths window and you have several options what to do with it.  You can fill the shape, fill the stroke, or convert the the path to a selection.  You can even save the work path and use it later.

Illustrator is meant for this type of work but if you have Photoshop and don't want to spend $400 for Illustrator you can still manage.

The main difference between the two programs are the way they work with images. Illustrator works in Vectors and allows for scaleability, Photoshop works in bitmap and pixels.  The two programs overlap some of their abilities but depending on your needs and your skills you can make one imitate the other.

If you are a graphic professional and planning to do alot of digital illustrations, the $400 is a small investment.

You can download a demo of either program from Adobe here:
Have you tried Extensis Photographics? It let's you do all kinds of vector stuff without leaving Photoshop.
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dog78Author Commented:
I'm looking for something within Photoshop. I'm more interested in what Cevr has proposed, 400.00 is a bit hefty for me, Sorry weed. Thanks anyway..
Use coreldraw! suite
You can use coreldraw! to make vector graphics, and yet you can use photopaint to manipulate and add effect to your painting.
And has screen capture utility (bundle with it!)


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Go to and download a trial of Photographics. Check it out. You will find many of the same tools as Illustrator, including text on a path, and vector drawing tools. All within Photoshop. The retail price is around $120.00, but it's well worth it to be able to do this stuff without leaving the program.  
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