a second gateway

I have a small network/ISP running on Linux 2.0.36 & 2.2.12 boxes on which I am trying to setup a separate (second) default route on one of the boxes to the main default on my Ascend Max 4000 box.


Max box  -  default route  & static route to
(this box has 2 separate ISDN connections to the net, &

Box 1  - default route  = Max box  (thus

Box 2  - default route  -> via Max Box

I have set the default route on Box 2 to be (and netstat -rn shows this), but it appears that all the traffic coming from Box 2 still goes via the Max’s default route ( instead of  that specified Box 2 default (

If I traceroute to from the Max box it takes the correct path,  same traceroute from Box 2 goes to the Max, out the max's default then to  ..  I can’t see why this would happen.

The reason is that we have 2 pipes to the internet, and want certain machines to use a certain pipe.  Is it possible to do this with static routing, or do I need to go to something more elaborate?

Can anyone help with what I need to setup in order to arrange to utilize the 2 net connections via my Max?

The Max is an Ascend Max 4000 with 60 ports.  Inc. 2 ports to and 2 to  One connection is meant for backchannel traffic for a satellite feed, the other is for serving Web pages & outbound email.

Thanks in advance
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I think your problem is in the Max box. Using normal routing entries all boxes will use what is configured to be the shortest path.
On Cisco boxes there is something called routing policies where you can go in and specify specific routes for specific hosts, protocols or whatever.
You need to look for something like this on the Max.
If the Max sends data out the default way, it is because the Max does not know the route to box2, and sends everything the wrong way out.

I assume you are using as a netmask ?

If this is the case, make sure that the Max has a route to which goes over box 1.

Then all traffic from the Max to the net of box 2 will go the right way.

So Box 1 could change its default route, and traffic from box 2 would use this new route for outgoing traffic. Regarding incoming traffic, that is controlled by your ISP, and you would need to have some dynamic route updating taking place between the ISP and you to be able to dynamicly shift around.

If you want to switch completely between 2 lines and does not have the ability to update routing info on the Internet, you need two IP adresses on Box 1, one for each connection. And then run masquerading on box 1 where you will then be able to replace the source IP adress to the one that works on this connection.

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