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source code

OK im new at this Linux thing.  Last night i downloaded micq.  how do i compile it. or install it
1 Solution
What did you download?
if you have RedHat Linux, for instance, you can D/L "packages" with the extnsion .rpm and install with the redhat package manager (under the Gnome desktop, system menu - from memeory).

If you have sources, 99% of programs include a file called INSTALL (file name is upper case). Read that (and/or README), 99% of times the answer is teh follwing 3 command in order

make install
ILLUSIONAuthor Commented:
I am using Mandrake 6.5 I tryed most of that already when I try the 'make' or 'qmake' commands it says I must install make how do I do that?
Since you're using Mandrake, a RedHat derivative, you can use the RPM command to install software packages. If you're missing "make", chances are you may be missing some other necessary software, but first you want to go grab "make".

Go here:

From there you can download the "make" rpm, and then install it on your system by opening up a terminal and typing ``rpm -Uvh make.rpm'' (or whatever the file ends up being called, if you change the name).

To get micq in RPM, you can go to:

Download the RPM from there, and install it in a similar manner, ``rpm -Uvh filename.rpm''. The commands you're passing RPM here are "U" - which means it should install the rpm, and perform any upgrades if an existing rpm already exists; "v" which means it will print a verbose description of the process, and "h" which simply prints hash marks to indicate the installation status.

I'd suggest just grabbing the RPM of micq, since its documentation, and the source tarball itself (the .tar.gz file) is pretty poorly put together. I'd also suggest taking a look at other ICQ clients, check out freshmeat.net or linuxberg.com.

Hope this helps.
ILLUSIONAuthor Commented:
OK you are so awsom.  One more thing and you can have the points.  Whare can I get kdesupport-rh5x and kdelibs-rh5x?

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