how to convert code written in C++ to Visual Basic

I am doing my thesis with a set of code written in C++ but I want to make the program running in user friendly interface , so my supervisor ask me to do it in GUI model , means that in form format with buttons available but i don't know how to link code written in C++ to Visual Basic, is it accessbile ? Hope that esperts may answer my questions as fast as possible
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You can't use C++ source code in VB as source code, if that's what you're after.

If the code is amenable to being compiled into DLLs, you can do that and then call the DLLs from VB.

I haven't looked for any C++ to VB code translators (normally people want to do it the other way around!) So I don't know if any are available.

Other than the above you just have to know both languages and rewrite it.

Of course, you CAN develop an GUI in C++, its not too RAD but its done all the time.
Try using Borland C++ is a RAD tool, very good for making GUIs.
A long time ago I had a small C++ project and I managed to convert it to VB without having much knowledge of the actual C++ code other than mainly what it meant.

I would suppose you don't know C++ since then I guess it wouldn't be much of an issue.  If you have the actual C++ program you can try to basicly try to recreate what it does in visual basic with a new project.  As long as we're not talking something huge or extremely complex VB can probably do it.  And if you don't know C++ it will probably be time efficient too.  I hear it takes a bit to make non console program in C++ - especially when you don't know C++ to begin with.

I can definitely say there isn't any way to take c code and just wire it into a VB program.  C++ and VB even have a different style of organization - they don't mix at all.. as most programing languages don't.  If all else fails just hire somebody to do it for you :)

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Hehehe, ... what about VC++?
Microsoft Visual C++ and MFC(Microsoft Fundation Classes)is probably the best solution for you.
Project-creation wizards make it simple for you to build a graphical user interface and MFC is very frienldy with begining programmers.

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chunyanAuthor Commented:
I don't even ever touch on Visual C++ so may I know that whether MFC is a subtopics of Visual C++ or other programming language
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