camera communication problem

I have a kodak dc210zoom camera, which attaches to the  9 pin serial port. I have successfully installed the software. When I go to the dc210zoom camera icon listed in "my computer" and go to the "configuring communication selection", I select the comm 1 port, and try to connect to the camera(which I have previously connected it to the cabling and it is "on" and in the "connect" setting). I get an error that says to try another speed or port. I try the next comm port selection which is comm 2 and same error, I have also tried different speeds, no luck. I have also checked my port settings for the serial ports and the modem comm port. I can't figure it out. I have no conflicts, or any other devices using the serial ports, other than having an internal winmodem. I have the exact comm port settings and IRQs if anyone wants to help me troubleshoot this. I also have the bios settings for the comm ports(IRQ and address). Please help, I did call kodak and they gave up on me and said to call my PC support. They said it is the comm ports. I said I have custom PC and they just gave up. I am disappointed. This camera does work on my work PC, so I know it is not the camera itself or the hardware with it.
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Susan, first check to see what Com port the modem is using and let me know.

Next, restart the system in Safemode by tapping the F8 key right after the memory count and before you see the dialogue "Starting Windows..."

Now click Start, Settings, System Icon, Device Manager Tab and scroll down to the ports section and click the + sign. How many ports are listed and what are they.

Now do the same thing for the modem entries and tell me what is listed.

We may need to remove these and let windows find them and install them correctly, but I want to make sure there are no duplicate entries first.
susanstubbsAuthor Commented:
bios settings for Uart port 1 :03f8-IRQ4
bios settings for Uart port 2: 02f8-IRQ3

Device manager:com port 1:IRQ4,I/O 03f8
               com port 2:IRQ3 I/O 02f8
Modem general port setting:
Modem diagnostics tab
      com1: no modem IRQ 4/3f8
      com2: no modem IRQ 3/2f8
      com3: no modem IRQ 0
      com4: modem IRQ 0
modem listing in system info:
IRQ5 I/O 0210-0217
modem listing in mycomputer device manager IRQ: modem IRQ5
There are no duplicate entries for the modem and com ports in safemode/device manager.
Okay, boot back into safemode and go back into Device Manager, Ports and highlight and remove both Com1 and Com2, then shutdown normally and restart. Pay particular attention during the restart to see if windows redetects both Com ports during the start process and reinstalls them.

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susanstubbsAuthor Commented:
Thanks DEW! I have worked on the comm ports, and reinstalled them. I have also gone into the case and looked at the port connectors, and voila! the port connectors were reversed. and I put in new connectors to make sure the ribbons were not damaged. And I did what you said and had windows redetect the ports. and Now everything is working! I have also deleted alot of ghost entries in safe mode, I hope this doesn't hurt. I have another question regarding that, so you may look for it soon. THANKS, you're the best!!!
Glad it worked Susan! I'll also look for your other question! (PS: Removing the ghosted entries doesn't effect anything. It is best though when there are more than one, then remove all of them and rdetect).
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