Apogee Shareware games

Does any one have all of the apogee shareware games If so please send them to Timemew@xoommail.com
If not all which ones
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Are you talking about:
Alien Carnage
Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold
Major Stryker?
timemewAuthor Commented:
yes all of those types of games and duke 1 & 2
Commander keen all of them
and the latest raptor call of the shadows i have version 1.2 if any higher please send them
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timemewAuthor Commented:
i'll up the points if i get all of the apogee games
Why don't you just go here?


It's their complete list of games.
If you want, I can download them and email them to you too.

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timemewAuthor Commented:
it has basicly nothing that site so that is why i reject your answer
Now that isn't fair - on that page is every single thing you can download legally from apogee.  That's exactly what you asked for in your question.

Serialband deserves those points.

Serialband, if he doesn't give you them points I'd suggest going to customer support as TimeMew here is trying to snatch off with getting the info without giving you the points.


have a look at

Seems this is the way timenew is used to talk to others...pretty dumb guy ?!
I saw the question and I found a cd called "Apogges Greatest Shareware Games" I have the fealing that thats exactly what you want, right?
Looks like this might be an alias of some teenager.  timemew's profile:

Name:         timemew
First Login :  9/28/99
User ID :

know almost every thing about pokemon

Everyone who's into pokemon is into trying to get things for free.

Apogee's site has absolutely all the shareware available for download as DannonNZ has pointed out.  If you want anything else legally you probably have to purchase it.  If you can't access that site then I can download it for you and email it.
timemewAuthor Commented:
It does not have all of the games that i want so that is why i rejected his answer and who cares the i am a teenager it does not mean that i like stealing and he did get the points after all cause i accepted his next answer so he got the points after all so stop paying me out and saying un nice things behind my back that is not fair and if it does not stop i will do it to all of you.
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