Samba Solaris 2.7

in linux you can mount a windows partition by the smbmount command.
How can i do this in solaris ?
can i use the smbclient ..

I reealy need this ...

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Smbclient runs only on Linux.

To mount a windows partitition from Solaris, you have to do one of four things:
1.  Put an NFS server on the windows box and mount the partition via NFS.
2.  Rig up a Linux box as an "NFS to SMB" gateway and mount the partition via SMB to the Linux box and then via NFS to the Solaris box.
3.  Move the data to a Unix system and mount it to the original windows box with Samba and to other Unix systems with NFS.
4.  Port the Sambaclient source code to Solaris.

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According to them, it runs on Solaris.
Hmm, just did some more digging.  The new SAMBA 2.0 release supports a new tool called smbclient (or smbsh depending on which docs you're looking at) that allows FTP-like access from most Unixen.

Actually mounting an SMB partition is only available in Linux.

So, if real filesystem access is needed, then my original answer still stands.  If FTP-like access is good enough, then smbclient/smbsh can be used.
superabbeAuthor Commented:
Ok if I look at the first NFS for windows.
What software is needed on the NT box and what has to be done at the Solaris box ??

You'll need an NFS _server_ on the NT box.  Such beasts are made by Hummingbird (, Intergraph (, and others.

On the Solaris box, it looks like any other NFS mount.
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