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Problem while Installating a Package

We have built a package in Visual Basic6.0 on WindowsNT platform.This installation package included mdac_typ.exe. To install this package properly on windows95/98 system it will require DCOM98 .What is DCOM98 ?
Will it always comes with Windows 95/98 or it requires to install separetaly ? We want this install this package on Windows 95/98
1 Solution
DCOM big brother of COM .. for distributed application communcation
These are set of files where you have to install/configure in the target machine, prior to running ur application which uses DCOM. for NT they are already their .. but for win95 and win98 you have to install seperately

microsoft have this set of fiels as DCOM98.exe , as i can recall, you can get this from microsoft site as well:

older builds of win95 didn't have DCOM installed. so you have to install it seperately. In your installation you can check the target machine, if its NT no need of running DCOM98. otherwise run DCOM98.exe if you extract the files in DCOM98.exe you get additional information in their readme file.
ganeshokadeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info. However as soon as I run DCOM98.exe it exits with an error saying that DCOM98.exe cannot run with this version of Windows 95. Could you tell me the reason please ?
I think you should download DCOM95.EXE in order for it to  run in Windows 95 OS computer and DCOM98.EXE is for Windows98 OS.

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