of i wrote a dll and there are projects that use this dll, when i change the dll and compile it again, how come the projects don't regonize it anmore even tho it's the same name and in the same folder as before? how do i solve this?thanks
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Go into your DLL's Project Properties. Go to the Component Tab.

Check Binary Compatibility, and point it at the latest compiled version of the DLL.

Now, as long as you dont change or remove any of the already existing methods and properties of public classes in your DLL, your DLL will remain compatible to its previous incarnations and you won't lose the references to it in other projects.

If you MUST change the interface, you'll have to switch the option off again, which is called "breaking binary compatibility" and your problem will happen again.

Please make sure you unregister the dll with RegSvr32 -u YourDLL.DLL every time you must break binary compatibility in order to keep your registry clean.

Good luck


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foxhoundAuthor Commented:
it still doesn't work, when i check binary compatibilty it gives me a error saying "unable to set the version compatitbily of component", why is this? thanks
foxhoundAuthor Commented:
sorry , got it sorted out. very good answer by the way
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