using COMs...

I have a GSM-modem connected to my COM-port.  If I wanna send SMS and I do it with Hyperterminal:

First I write this (phonenumber):
then I press Enter

Then I write this (message):
   yeah yeah
and I press Ctrl+z.

How can I send these datas to my Com-port so that user just gives number and message and then press putton.

MSComm1.Output = "at+cmgs=""" _
& TextNumber & " "" " & vbCr '???

Main problem is to send Enter and Ctrl-z to modem.

Thanks in advance!
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mcriderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When sending the Enter, Try sending VbCrLf instead of just VbCr

To send a Ctl-Z, send Chr$(26)

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