Monitor Bytes transferred with InternetTransferControl

I am using the following statement to transfer a file from the webserver to the client machine:
baBookFile() = frmView.Inet1.OpenURL(BookURL, icDefault)
I would like to track the number of bytes received and either display a progress bar, or constantly updated message:
Received nnn of nnnnn bytes, where nnn is updated periodically.
Thank you
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You cant do it with the M$Inet control. I can e-mail you a free OCX that can do this, or do a search fot xtftp.ocx on altavista.

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walterlevineAuthor Commented:
Excellent response,(provided the control works).
Since I now need to include another component in my application, assuming I could spend up to $500.00 for a third party control, would I gain anything by spending the money for a commercial product, or do you think that the free one is as good as any? If so, any recommendations??
Thanks for the help.
I'm a cheap SOB, so free is good. As for commercial vs Freeware, I found Brad to be very good in supporting his control. He also probably would provide highly detailed support for a fee that would still be a good deal less than the costs of a comercial control. I think I own him a bottle for all the follow up workhe did for me.

As for the control working, It works for me very well, and is well documented.

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