HP Deskjet 720C

In Outlook 2000, I do not have a option to print out only the marked aeria.How come?
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WhitewolfConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's just a simple problem with the software itself. This is not a problem with your printer from what I can find out. I have 692C and when I networked it to a computer running Outlook2000 it did the same thing. Fortunately, it also did the same with a brand new printer of a different brand. So, basically don't worry about it, go ahead and print out the whole message. I realize this can be a pain when you just want a little bit, but you do have the option of taking the email and selecting what you want to print. Then you could open a document file, paste what you have copied, then print from there.

Sorry there isn't more that can be done,
grykrisAuthor Commented:
Thank You, Whitewolf
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