Upgrading a Kernel...

I have Linux-Mandrake 6.0 which comes with the 2.2.9 kernel.
I was wondering how to upgrade my kernel to the newest version (2.2.13 I think).  I have gotten as far as downloading .rpm packages and installing them and then editing lilo.conf to point to the new kernel.  Is there anything else besides these things that I need to do?
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linuxfanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello There
u know if u have installed the kernel corrctly in 2 ways ..
either when the machine give u the login screen it will say kernel such and such
or if  do uname -a should also give u the kernel
if it gives u the 2.2.13 thing then u r fine
if not Read Ahead
The RPM package u downloaded will have the kernel source and module
u need to use this to compile
after u installed the rpm -i kernelverion.rpm
it creates Directories where it lives
locate linux-2.2.13
cd /usr/src/linux-2.2.13(probably! could be a little different path but it should be in the /usr/src directory)
make menu config
check what options u want to compile in
 ( if u r not sure before this step do cd /usr/src/linux-2.2.9 and make menu config This will save configuration into a file .. don't change anything just say save config into file and exit)
now after u checked which options u want to compile in save and exit
follow the steps from there
make modules
make modules_install
and then create a configuration and add it to ur lilo
Good Luck
ANd if u need extra help let me know
I've never done it using rpm's so I can't tell you what else you may need to do but anyone upgrading their kernel should read the Kernel how to available in html at:


It describes a distribution independent way of doing it.
If there isn't anything you really need in the new kernel, i wouldn't bother changing. It's unlikly you'll see any difference unless you know there is a proble it fixes.

I wanted to add after u compile u have to make an image and
u simply do this by make zImage
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