printing delay/stopping

Printers in my area print for a while, then stop, and start printing again.  The person is using HP LJ 4000 and Tektronix 840.  Does not notice a pattern to the stopping - most of the prints they send are large jobs (performance monitoring reports).  For example, at times it will print about 10 jobs then stop and resume after about 2 minutes of waiting.
I tried loading SP5 with the Y2K patches, and it still didn't work. PLEASE HELP.
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rob110599Author Commented:
Please help me.
What speed computer are you running, do you have/need a bidirectional printer cable. Has this only happened recently if not try a printer memory upgrade. My printer used to crawl and stall on my old pc my new one is much faster, I had thought it was my printer. You mentioned two printers, how do you have them hooked up(networked), do you use an AB switch or some other method. There are many reasons this can happen is none of these work or hold water, email me I will help however I can!

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There are certain delay problems when printing from a DOS job. ¿Are you using DOS programs?
rob110599Author Commented:
The individual is using aIBM6862-N8U Pentium III, 400Mhz with 128M of RAM.  They are hooked up to our network using IP- lpr printing. Other people can print to this printer and not have any problems. NO A/B switch. The printers have a min. of 32M of RAM.
rob110599Author Commented:
The individual is printing from Excel and a program called Mobius.  It's a financial database that can print calculations of clients accounts and proposed investments.  
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