How many Hits will crash my Web Site?

Hello Experts,

We are going live with a Web Site Ordering e-Store, and it uses Session variables to hold the Name, Product, etc. from Page to Page.

I just found out that the customer is planning to Spam 35 million email addresses with the Web Site's address and offer incentives to hit on us.

I have NO idea if this number will crash us.

I have requested that they send out the announcement over a month's time so they won't all hit us the same day/hour/minute.

Do we have a risk of crashing? (Please request specific information and I will do my best to give you details)


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1.  Yes you're in high rist since there's no single server can handle 35mils users at the same time.
2.  Anyway it's depend on what you have for your server.  
How many Ram?
What's the connection(T1, T3, OC3 etc)?
The most important is the bandwidth for website...
What's the web server sit on?  Unix?  NT?  others?

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MacRenaAuthor Commented:

Thank you for this response.

I didn't forget.

I am trying to get the answers.


Hi Mac,
Another question to ask the client is whether the "return path" or "from" address of the SPAM message will resolve to a mail server which you host.

I think the danger of overloading your mail servers with bounced replies from bad addresses, "REMOVE" messages, etc may be just as great as the danger of overloading your web server.

SPAM is always a bad idea, but if that's what the client is going to do, I suppose there's no way to stop them.

MacRenaAuthor Commented:
Hi Steve,

Good suggestion, as usual!

There had better NOT be return to us.

JoAnna has to field those!

Chuck says if it crashes our system he'll use that as grounds to increase the rate we charge her, and buy a T1. (that's Chuck, always thinking!)

MacRenaAuthor Commented:

I am going to mark your Comment as having answered the Q because you gave me the Questions I needed to have in order to intelligently (:>} address my concern here in my shop.

I have some numbers, if you care to look them over...

RAM - 128 Meg
Connection - ISDN w/ 128 Kb/s Max
Bandwidth - Dynamic over the whole 128 Kb/s

Thank you.

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