tracking user name in multiple page email form

I'm designing a demo site that will eventually allow users to create basic web sites almost entirely online (once the client can afford to hire a programmer to accomplish this capably); in the meantime I've been futzing with email-processed forms for the demo. For various reasons, this is what works best right now.

I should qualify this question here: I'm not at all up to snuff on forms processing, but I'm really trying to learn by reading up on all the great online resources, which make my head swim.

Okay: Since a one-page form would be about three yards long, I'm breaking it up into three pages (but I'm still working on condensing it). So there will be two forms for submitting info into various fields and making various selections, followed by a purchase form. The first form is complete: It's at Submitting this form takes the reader to the second submission form (etc). I did figure out (w/the help of Responsomatic), in a sort of clunky way, how to lead the user from one form to the next. However, on the second form ( --which is still in the works-- I don't want the user to have to reenter his or her name or e-mail address. This must be incredibly simple, but how do I automatically carry over the user's name or e-mail address to the second and third form pages? This is essential, since the form results will be processed in three separate e-mail responses.

I'd appreciate your suggestions!

PS: I just know you're all going to say "cookies." I'm using a little cookie on the first form (pops up, asks for user name, then displays it on the form page); however, this is as advanced as I've ever gotten with cookies, and it doesn't address the above problem.

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I take you're using ASP?

<% Session("username") = Request.Cookies("username") %>

Now, you can use the cookie as a session variable at any time later.

Later, you can simply use this in the form on the other page

<input type="text" name="textfield" value="<% = Session("username") %>">

and it will display the name that was on the cookie.

same goes for the email, or whatever you'd like to save as recurring data. I like to use name, email, browser, screen resolution, and languages

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kvandykeAuthor Commented:
That's great, but it doesn't take into consideration my basic ignorance of the subject. I don't even know what ASP *is.* Can I just put the lines you suggest into my .html form code?
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