Uploading a file via the web

How do I configure this form to enable users to upload an image file? (Actually, they'll need to upload two.)
Please see: http://www.lalaweb.com/~kimvandyke/outasite/Templates/carpentry01/submission2.htm
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kvandykeAuthor Commented:
Oops: I also need to be able to redirect the user to the original form page.
there is html tag <input type=file> for this purpose.

It depends on which web server you are using.

If you are using IIS, you will need to install the MS posting component, which will allow you to accept forms with a <input type=file> .

You can also write a CGI/ASP/ISAPI/etc which will read binary data (the image) and save it to disk.

Unfortunately, this is as detailed an answer you will get with the amount of information provided.



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Get a third party plug-in to do it.

Such as ...SA-FileUp


Tutorial on it at:
Another great tutorial on making your own VB upload component(dll)...


I use www.aspsmart.com  's aspSmartupload  it's free unless you want support...

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