clock wrong after screensaver

Does anyone know why my clock in the Gnome Panel always gives a totally wrong time after my computer comes back from its screensaver?  It gives the correct time again only if i reboot.  But as soon as my screensaver comes up...and then comes back the time is completely wrong.  I am using redhat6.0, xscreensaver 3.17, and gnome 1.053...Thanks in advance :)
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ramvinodConnect With a Mentor Commented:
there's a bug in apmd. which sets your time to GMT
pick up the update from
dn415Author Commented:
I cant find that patch?  Can you tell me where EXACTLY it is?  I went to where you said but I can't find it.

dn415Author Commented:
nevermind, i found it....thanks a lot ramvinod!!!
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