Problem with Release verison

I have an mfc executable (say myexe) developed on 5.0.
Myexe launches an mfc extension dll mydll (developed on 5.0).
Through a menu Item on Myexe we can invoke the
extension classes stored in mydll ( an mdisplitter window
with Ctreeview, CListview and lots of dialogs.I use
Mdisplitterwnd::Create function)
The debug verion runs fine. In the release build
the application fails when i invoke  mfc extension classes
repeatedly .( some times in 3rd attempt or 4th attempt).
Please suggest where do i start debugging ?
Or any special cases to consider  in this type of setup ?
One more thing, I am not using document template
to bind my frame window, Views and document class.

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MFC123Author Commented:
Edited text of question.
Start debugging by reproducing the problem under the debugger!  Sheesh; what could be more obvious?

In what area do you need advice? Do you not know how to debug a release build? Do you not know how to debug?

Exactly what kind of "failure" are you getting?

..B ekiM
MFC123Author Commented:

As i said the debug verion is fine.
Is it possible to step thru the code using release verion ?

The error is something like this
" the instruction referrenced memmory at "0X03.........f".
memory couldn't be written.

I get this error when i click on the menu item 3rd or 4th time
( clicking on menu item will create the mdi splitter window
from extension classes stored in the DLL)

Any comments are highly welcomed

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MFC123Author Commented:
Adjusted points to 30
Look at here is article about debugging release build.
I've run into the same problem before.  For me it was one of my event handlers did not declare the lparam, wparam in the .h as it should have.  The debug version did not have a problem with this, but the release version did.  Hope that helps.


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MFC123Author Commented:
hi jpick:
i too feel the problem could be with event handler.
let me jus check out in detail . Thanks a lot for the
> Is it possible to step thru the code using release verion ?


1) Add a new project configuration; base it on your existing release build.

2) Modify the "debug info" settings on the C/C++ tab to create a program database.

3) Modify the linker settings to emit debug information.

4) Debug!

..B ekiM
Where does this stand?  Did you debug the app yet?

..B ekiM
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