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I program in VB6 and am learning every day.  I hear this stuff about VBA and scripting a lot and don't understand what it is and how it differs from VB.  I was reading a product sheet which said:
- One development environment (Microsoft Visual Basic) - 100% 32-bitVB apps - the largest number of VB apps installed in mid-market businesses worldwide

- One applications programming/VBA-like scripting language (embedded Microsoft VBA - coming in 1999)  
What is the difference?  How would VBA be a part of their application/product?

Any help in understanding would be great.

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vettrangerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Straight VB is an IDE dedicated strictly to developing applications that are compiled to an EXE file, and can be distributed independent of any existing software on the user's computer.

VBA is a subset of VB functionality (altho is it a very broad subset!). VBA code is written in association with objects in a host application (such as Access, Word, or Excel). It can include code modules, with functions and procedures. However, it is not going to be compiled into an EXE file, just interpretted from within the hosting app as needed.
vba scriping language is the language of macros...word,excel,access. It can be interfaced when you are calling macros or uning objects that are declared as work, excel or access...
vfafelAuthor Commented:
thank you
my pleasure :-)
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