Prevent including a header file twice.

How can I prevent a header file from being included twice. Are there some kind of header guards you can put on top of your file and what is the syntax?
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Yes and No.

The standard, portable way to do this is by putting something like..

    #ifndef _MYHEADER_H
    #define _MYHEADER_H

    [... header body ...]


This will achieve, in effect, what you want.  Of course, the most compilers will still read the file.  They'll just ignore everything the second time.

Some compilers (GCC, for example) notice this structure and actually don't read the file the second time an long as all the body of the header file is between the ifndef/endif pair.

Other compilers support something like

    #pragma once

to be included in the file (along with the above standard) to say that this file should never be read more than once.  It's basically just a hint for the compiler.  Check your compiler manual for more information about supported pragmas.

Objective-C has an "#import" directive that functions like "#include" except that it will only include a given file once.  This is generally frowned upon since it should be up to the author of the header file to decide if it should be included more than once, not the job of the person writing the program that uses that header file.

So, the bottom line...  Use the "#ifndef" bit always (for portability).  Add the "#pragma" thing if you want.

-- Brian

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