Biulding a System like Kryotech

where can I find a goo article on how to biuld a system like Kryotech?
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Have found another company offering cryogenic cooling systems, they are reputed to be cheaper than Kryotech and have a modular system that one can build slot 1 processors into, they don't have it on the market yet, but it looks like one could buy the basic elements at the same price as top of the range "bolt on" peltier device and fan combinations. They are here..

Also for good reviews of commercial peltier systems and available peltier elements, this place covers them all, they will also probably cover such things as commercially available water coolers and cryo systems when they become more common..


Road Warrior
You want a really cool PC?
Unless you are a refrigeration engineer and have the skills and equipment (notably a $1000++ refrigerant compressor unit to pressurise the system) then you are not going to be able to get a system like the super G made in a home workshop.

However there are ways to get cooling equivalent to their standard cooled cases and even to go sub zero.

The most available methods available to the amateur at this point are peltier effect coolers..
and water coolers..
and combinations of both..

Probably the best one can do without delving into the expensive mysteries of phase change refrigeration is to get a high capacity combination peltier/water cooling system going pumping out to a heat exchanger in a bar fridge or similar. Of course, you could  try building the components from a bar fridge into a PC case.

There are many problems with near zero and sub zero cooling notably condensation which could wreck your system. There are no straight forward howtos around, all information on the topic will assume a certain amount of inventiveness and innovation on your part, it is all experimental.


Road Warrior
snowmobile74Author Commented:
post something for answer for points
snowmobile74Author Commented:
Thanks a lot
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