Problem with SQL Login Box

Hello All

I have just converted a application from MS-Access to SQL-Server.

Although I have embedded the password and user name in a ODBC connection string.  Users occansionally still get a SQL Server Login Box.  It looks like the ODBC loses connection with the server.

Is anyone aware of any possible solution for this.

I look forward to a reply.

Best Regards

Asif Mughal
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simonsabinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Access takes the connect string and removes password when it stores it. If you want no login box to appear you have to select the save password option when you create the link table.
Win 95 and 98 clients need to use SQL authentication, NT clients can use NT authentication.  
How are you connecting.  Is it through linked tables?  I prefer to create the string in code and then set the connection to a pass through query property. In Access if you don't choose to save the password with every table and query connection, then you will be prompted whenever the password is missing.  It is also insecure to save the password to linked tables and queries without encryption.
simonsabin: open an Access mdb file as text in notepad.  Then search for the password in a saved password connection.  You will find the entire connect string including the password.
Sorry din't read you comment fully. I agree with you totally.
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