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TransferText in Access

I'm trying to import a delimited text file into a table in Access. I'm running the code
Text1.LinkTimeout = 10
Text1.LinkTopic = "MSACCESS|" & strPath
Text1.LinkItem = "All"
Text1.LinkMode = 2

cmdstr = "[TransferText 'Import Delimited', 'RGCNSEQ2 Import Specification', 'RGCNSEQ2','u:\access\usa\usa_down\rgcnseq2.txt']"

I get a message "foreign application will not perform dde method or operation". what's wrong?
1 Solution
suppose the dB contain a Table named tblTextFile which have 3 fields named :
fldA,fldB,fldC which are all Text.

1. open the dB
2. Open the Table using a Recordset say MyRec
3. open the text file
4. start a loop until the file is EOF
5. read one line into variabels, say 3
   variabels named: strA,strB,strC
6. MyRec.AddNew
7. MyRec.Fileds("fldA")=strA
8. MyRec.Update
9.Close the loop
10.close the file
11.close the Recordset
12.close the dB

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