who is most knowledgable?

which one of your experts can tell me how to find an automotive page where they might answer one of my questions about front end vibration on my Honda auto?
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What kind of vibration? Steady, intermittent, speed dependant?

When does it happen? when cruising, when accelerating, when braking, when turning, all the time?

What model, year and engine size?

Here are some guesses, and some things to check....
Lost wheel balancing trim weight, wheel out of balance.
Deformed tyre, bulging or flat spotted.
Bent driveshaft.
Bad driveshaft bearings.
Front shock absorbers leaking/worn
Suspension mountings loose
Motor mountings loose
Brake rotors (disks) warped
Bad power steering pump (a bad connection on electric untis usually)
Maximum size block in car, car used on rough roads, structure of front end weakened, suspension tower brace could help.
Misfire possible.
Bad ancilliary equipment or drive pulleys on motor. (frayed drivebelts usually a sign)
only 1 or 2 coils working on the alternator can sometimes cause vibration since it is only loaded for part of a revolution.
Antilock brake system faulty.
Traction control system faulty
I had a motor that somehow lost a fixing bolt out of a flywheel, that rattled a bit.
Transmission in dire need of transmission fluid!
Clutch plate warped or unevenly worn, or worn out, or oil on part of plate if a standard (manual)
Speedometer cable kinked. (wierd I know, but I chased a wierd noise down to this once)

That's all I can think of for now, why not place a suggestion in the customer service or suggestion area for an Autos question area.


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howlilAuthor Commented:
steady vibe ,starts at 30mph goes away at 40 comes back again at 60mph.  honda 2.2 litre eng./ 4 cyl.

you can get anything you want from their spare parts list or upgrades and kits... plus there are hundreds you can talk to about any problem.


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howlilAuthor Commented:
ok I accept thank you very much
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