C? C++? VC++? BC++?.....

i've heard of C++, visual C++, C, borland C++. i've just learned VB, for quite a while and pretty much in the intermediate stage, i'm planning to learn a more power language, now which one should i move it? what are the advantages? thanks a lot
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dalehendConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you want to find paid work, then of the 4, I would choose Visual C++. I think Borland is rated best among programmers tho'
i use borland c++ builder 4 pro, and i like it a lot, much more versatile than any other developing environment, you dont need any knowledge of windows API, but if you do, you can do some extras things...
You need to understand the difference between a language, like C++ and a framework, like MFC or VCL.  Visual C++ (VC), Borland C++ (BC), and Borland C++ Builder BCB are ALL C++ compilers.   If you write a C++ program it will compile under any of them (usually).  However each of the compilers was written to support different frameworks.   A framework is a library of code that you can use to help you quickly develop you application, a windows application in this case.  VC supports only the MFC framework.  BC supports only the OWL framework and BCB supports the VCL framework, as well as VCL and OWL, but not really well.   So if you want to use 1 framework or another, the choice of compilers is clear.

In comparing frameworks,  I think Borland's VCL framework is much nicer for programming in than VC's MFC framework, but I think MFC usually produces a better application in the end.   By far most C++ programs that use frameworks use the MFC framework.  I feel that the VC development environment is far far supperior than the other two (I use both VC and BCB currently and used to use BC), so if you won't be using a framework, VC is the clear choice.  But if you decide on a framework other than MFC, you have to go with one of the other compilers.
foxhoundAuthor Commented:
thanks a lot everyone, i think i'm sure of the choice, i'm not gonna mess around with frameword and stuff so i guess i'll be off learning visual C++ =)
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