old Scanjet 3c and PCI scsi

I need to get a new pci scsi for my old scanjet

any recommendations??
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I use a Scanjet 2C on a Symbios 810 chip based PCI SCSI adapter.  It is cheap and works fine.  You don't need a BIOS, or ultrawide scsi or any other advanced features of the higher-priced cards to interface a scanner.

Price of such a card is here in Netherlands around DFL 100, or USD 40.  But you will also need a cable and a scsi terminator.  The terminator is needed per scsi design rules, but if your cable is not very long it could work fine without a terminator.  Just try it.

Are you going to use the card only for the scanner ?
Adaptec makes osme good inexpensive PCI SCSI controllers, the 2930 might be something to look at.

I've had good luck with the Adaptec 2902 adapter.
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Any of the above mentioned cards will work fine with the sj3c.  HP is recommending the Advansys card which you can purchase from HP.com.  Joopy is correct in his/her warning about the cabling.  some cards have a db25 connection and others have a mini 50.  the SJ3c has a db25 connection on the back so you may want to stay with a pci scsi card with a db25 connection.  But he's incorrect on the termination.  The sj3c has a switch on the back, + is termination on and - is termination off.  If the scanner is the last device on the external chain, make sure the termination swith is on the + side.

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The HP sj 2c(x) doesn't have a terminator switch.  Good to hear that they solved this in the later series.

I would not recommend to use the DB25 connector if you also have the choice to use the larger 50p blue ribbon connector.  The DB25 does not comply with the scsi standards.  I guess that the SJ 3c also has a 50p blue ribbon connector (sometimes also wrongly referred to as a centronics connector) and i suggest to use that one.

Whether you connect using the db25 or 50p connection, its still a scsi one (scsi data transfer rate) device.  My suggestion was based on saving sqhodsi some money, because the sj3c was shipped with a db25 cable.
>the sj3c was shipped with a db25 cable.

db25 to centronics 50p cable i believe ?  Or to 50p HD ?

sghodsi, please respond.  Are you satisfied with the answers given ?  If not, please explain, otherwise please grade the best answer so we can close the question.
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