network installation for school

does anyone know an orginization in natal , south africa who can install a network of 10 computers using linux.thank you.
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bughead1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You can set it up -- that's the answer.  Go to Check out the e-smith server.  This package is based on RedHat 6.0 and is nearly automatic in it's setup of a router/firewall/webserver.  It is well worth the $40.00 purchase price.  The people there are friendly and helpful -- and if you opt to spend a bit more for their support package, they can help you set up everything else -- including Wndows machines and Macs in addition to linux boxes in the network.

No, I have no affiliation with e-smith, but I did buy their cd. And if you haven't seen it go to work, and if you have ever had any difficulty setting up a linux box, you will be stunned at how easily the package installs.

From start to finish, it took me half an hour to set up a demand dialing gateway/intranet web server on a Cyrix MII300 with 64 MB edo ram, 40x ide cdrom, a 6.1 GB hard drive, PCI NIC with tulip chip and 3com external modem.
IF you are feeling really good. The experts here would be happy to talk you through it. Of course you would have to up the points of the question. But when done you shuold be able to fix most problems your self. :)
or just order the redhat unleashed book that will have everything that you need.
1- Buy a 12 or 24 ports hub/switch
2- Do the internal cabling using CAT5 cables.
3- Install linux on 10 PC.
4- Assign each of them an IP address using a private class C.
5-Plug all the cables in the network card.
Voila !!
Things that you might need to do later:
-mail server/pop server
-DNS (since you only have 10 computers, maintaining a hosts table would be easy enough).

If you plan to connect to the internet:
-Choose an ISP
-Register for a domain name
-Buy a router
-Install a firewall ...
-Pay someone to put all these things together :))
A Linux box makes an excellent router, and a Firewall.
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