Ilegal operation IE5

I have a website. I tried to go to it at work..on 3 different computers..all 3 times it said "illegal operation" and closed me down. (The only exception was on my bosses computer.She uses netscape..and maybe the system knows she is not  a student so has more access???I work at a university and wondered if some type of filter is doing this by mistake because of a key word or something) I didn't worry as I thought it was specific to that handful of computers..only my friend elsewhere also gets that when she goes to my site.
My question is: Is there a problem with my site that is causing this?
Or is there likely to be some filter on the computers in question making my site inaccessible?
I don't know much about all this..excuse it it sounds dumb..but for it to be happening to other people wanting to come to my site as well worries me.I was starting to get a lot of traffic and they won't come back if they get "illegal operation" all the time.
What is causing this?
The site is
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I use IE5 and I have no problem signing your guest book. What kind of illegal operation?
probably a java script error... go into the ie5 options... in there will be checkboxes to enable java.. i think theres 4 different java options... use trial and error

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suse123Author Commented:
So anyone having trouble accessing my site would have to do that?
(At the moment that's anyone at two educational institutions here..a school and a large university...a lot of computers)
Or is that what I need to do on my computer to make the site accessible?

I'm not at work until Friday...will do a cut and paste of the exact problem then. Sorry I am unable to do it earlier..(as it works on my computer) I appreciate your help and will come back and give a high rating then ..adding a cut and paste of the exact error might help me to know we're on the right track.
Thankyou. Sorry for the delay.
And for my lack of knowledge on all this.
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waiting... and don't be sorry!
suse123Author Commented:
Ok I'm at work..still getting shut down..this is the problem..(below)
Does it make sense ? Anything I can do to stop others getting this problem when they come to my site? Or is it a computer problem specific to the computers involved? Thankyou. I really hate to think I shut down visitors to my site..

IEXPLORE caused a stack fault in module KERNEL32.DLL at 0137:bff9a3c0.
EAX=00549f08 CS=0137 EIP=bff9a3c0 EFLGS=00000246
EBX=17c70314 SS=013f ESP=00549f04 EBP=00549f58
ECX=ffffffff DS=013f ESI=00549f1c FS=0daf
EDX=81590f58 ES=013f EDI=01bcffff GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
5e 8b e5 5d c2 10 00 64 a1 00 00 00 00 55 8b ec
Stack dump:
00000001 c00000fd 00000000 00000000 bff9a3c0 00000000 013f013f 016f0028 17c70b6a c1004d7c 16cf0001 8f600014 16ef3a45 aee00000 000001bc bff98190


Have you tried IE5 on your boss' pc and also tried netscape on those "users" pc?
suse123Author Commented:
My boss only has netscape and the others only have IE5..However there's a computer with netscape in the same room the students use..I could  try Monday..
I'm starting to not mind if it's a problem specific to uni computers..I just hate to think that there are many more people out there getting shut down by my site.When it happened to my friend elsewhere I started to wonder who else this is happening to. Not good.

If it's a computer problem there's not much I can do..but is there anything I should do to my site to make it accessible to the masses? Remove something? I'd be happy if I could just get an answer to that...really happy .  I don't understand java but is there something I should be removing from my page? (I didn't understand what you meant dumb at all this.)
Aparently your site do not contain any syntax error as I was able to cruise around with my IE5 and NS4.  Even if your site contains some javascripts, the most your users will get is a script error or they might just have to decrease their security levels in their browser.  But the error that you post is a combination of many things. It's especially strange to have this error occur only visiting your site!
Your best bet before trying anything else is my comment above.
What about now, using your home pc to visit your site, anything like this happen?
suse123Author Commented:
Absolutely fine on my pc.(with ie5 and netscape)
This is totally weird.Will try it on our netscape computers at work.
I'm thinking of moving the whole page and giving up on working out how to solve it.
It worked fine on the uni computers a month ago..that's why it's weird. Since then  I've added a few more links , a banner and a stats counter..that's all that's different.

I'm a bit confused about what to do here. Do I evaluate ViRoy's answer then a box will come up asking me about yours or what? Not sure of what to do. Ta.

Close to giving up here. But thank you.
Well, computers are good devices, but when they become candidates for a FOX show as "When Comupters Behave badly.." then they sure cause headaches.

Just for knowlege sake, try another browser...or call your friends who crashed visiting your site using IE, and see if it crashes with NS.

suse123Author Commented:
Thank you.
At the time I didn't understand your comment at all...Altering all of the computers in question would have been a pain.
But now think java might have been behind it afterall ..except  I found a different a way to change my site..the easier option.

I've played detective since then and removed some things I've recently added..and when I removed my stats tracker, the problem was solved. So there was possibly a connection between a  java problem and what happened, as it contained some Java script.

Thanks Vi Roy ..I didn't really follow you but I think you were right with the J word!! Thanks.
Special thanks also to iwin for all the help and encouragement through it all. What a pain that was. And it got solved just when I gave up. Thank you both
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