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Can I use COM objects and their methods in a sevice application written using C SDK ie not using MFC in VC++ 6.0?
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nils pipenbrinckCommented:
Sure you can.

You don't need MFC do to work with COM-Objects. (I'm not sure about the service applications, but they shouldn't cause problems).

I have a small example source which creates a IDirectDraw Interface and gets the display size. It might not work with WinNT (I'n not sure about that), but it shows that com-objects work.

btw.. I wanted to give you a short example, but I was unsure which COM-Object is easy to use.. since I work with DirectX most of the time I tried it with DDRAW.

I hope that answers your question,

  Nils Pipenbrinck

---- stupid program begins here -----

#include <windows.h>
#include <ddraw.h>
  IDirectDraw *dd;
  if (DirectDrawCreate(0,&dd, 0)==DD_OK)
    memset (&ddsd, 0, sizeof (ddsd));
    ddsd.dwSize = sizeof (DDSURFACEDESC);
    dd->GetDisplayMode (&ddsd);
    char temp[256];
    wsprintf (temp, "display size from ddraw = %d * %d",
    ddsd.dwWidth, ddsd.dwHeight);
    MessageBox (0, temp, "infos from a com-object", 0);
  return 0;


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jas123Author Commented:
I am using only C language ie. I do not have Winmain but the method main().

When I try to declare a pointer of a com object say IDBConnect *Connect;

while compilation it gives me an error saying that
'IDBConnect' : illegal use of this type as an expression
jas123Author Commented:
Are there any settings to be made or are the lib files or the dll to be copied anywhere?
jas123Author Commented:
I have solved the above problem.

But now when I try to call a method say Connect of the object then while compilation I get an error saying that
'Connect' : is not a member of 'IDBConnect' where I have IDBConnect *Con = 0;
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