Shut down Windows 98

I have recently had a random problem when attempting to close down win98.
On these occasions I get the blue screen with "a fatal exception occured at" followed by varios references as listed below. The references change each time I press a key until I am left with a blank desktop. Ctrl, Alt, Del has no effect.
0028: ff009ad2
0287: 01578861
0246: 015747fb
0002: 015f391c
0202: 01578861
0287: 01578861
0687: 01578861
After this last number the screen goes from the blue error message to the blank desktop with no icons or taskbar leaving me with no alternative but to hit the reset button.
Any help would be appreciated and also is there any where I could get a list that would tell me which programs the above references refer.

Many thanks
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Try Start - Run - Msconfig - General - Advanced - Disable fast shutdown.
TecAuthor Commented:
Fast shutdown is already disabled
I see that most of your FE addresses are the same.This could indicate a memory failure at that address,especially if it's for different modules.Do the FE errors mention module names?

Try booting with the Bootlog option,then examine Bootlog.txt (after a shutdown failure) for the word 'fail' near the end of the file.

Does this happen if you boot to Safe mode?

Do you get a message about 'unreliable memory' when you boot to Safe mode?

What is your memory configuration?

Try playing the 'Exit Windows' sound in Control Panel - Sounds - a corrupt Wav file could cause this.
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TecAuthor Commented:
Thanks again for your time and I answer below the points you raise.

The only info given on error message is as quoted.

As it is a random thing I am unable to reproduce at will in safe mode.

There is no message re: unreliable memory.

Re. memory configuration I am not sure what you require. My system has 128mb of sdram.

I do not have the sound for exit windows on but I have played it anyway and it seems ok.

I am not sure how to boot with the bootlog option but I will look into it.

its usually a program in the systray that isnt shutting down correctly.. if you have any virus scanners, i suggest not having them run in the backround... use them only when you want to scan.. otherwise they take a bite of your processor at all times and slows stuff down...

else, you could try trial and error... use ctrl-alt-del to shut down a few tasks, then try to shut down... i bet you eventuall you will find the exact program messing it up...

another common symptom that is solved this way, is when you shut down and it sticks at the "windows is shutting down your computer".


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1. Run Msconfig.exe -> Startup tab
2. Uncheck everything except "LoadPowerProfile".
3. In Win.ini : uncheck load= and run=
4. Then restart computer and shutdown. If it shutdown with no errors, that's mean some of your program didn't close when shutdown.
5. Repeat step 1 and check one program.
Then restart and shutdown... until you find out what program cause the problem.

Viroy : Welcome to EE !
Don't post the answer until Tec ask you.
TecAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the helpful comments.
I do ron AVG virus scanner in the systray and I will try disabling it and see if it cures the problem.

Tec - for future reference: don't accept an answer (or any wooden nickels) unless it is the solution to your problem.By doing so you have awarded the points and closed this question.
TecAuthor Commented:
Duly noted but it was the first time I had used the service and didn't want to appear impolite by not responding promptly.
This was made more difficult as the problem is random and not something that hapens everytime.

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