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How do I draw a transport in the C&C Red Alert style(flat but 3D)?
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forkbeardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are going to draw a 3-D object you need to know everything about the shape.  Especially something as complex as a transport.  What it looks like from several different angles.  Without the aid of a 3-d program this could be fairly difficult (then again it can be fairly difficult even with a 3-D program).

In Photoshop illustrate the sides/panels of the object(eg. top view, side view, front or back view) much like a blueprint or diagram.  Put each side/panel on a different layer and then using transform~distort you can angle the section to simulate 3-D.  This won't be perfect and you may have to go back and adjust the image but you may be surprised at what you can do.

Adding shadows and highlights on separate layers will add to the realism.  As long as the image isn't too big you can get away without having a 3-D program.

The key is detail- the more seperate panels/objects you use(eg. side mirrors, tires, windows and doors) and edit them individually will give you better realism.

Think of it as putting together a model car or airplane.  The more pieces the better it looks, but the longer it takes to put together.

Depending on your skill and use for the image, you may be able to work with out a 3-D program.

Have fun.
KuosterAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot for your answer!
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