tcp/ip blues

I have recently installed a pcmcia card on my laptop. I had a major problem installing DUN. (see dial-up networking blues 1 November). At last installed and if I click on my dial up connection I can connect with my ISP host using log in name and password. I installed Eudora light to use as an email client. It consistently gave me an error message that it couldn't access my mail due to a password/user name problem. I uninstalled and installed Pegasus Mail. That gives me a cannot connect to the host error., check  tcp/ip network driver configuration. I am stymied.
One clue, I had a problem at first even making the connection to my isp through clicking on my DUN connection. The ISP solved that by asking me to put two commas after the number to be dialled up. Apparently that slowed the modem connection.

Any ideas? My ISP wont support third party email clients.

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pauljaymesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Install the MS update to dial-up networking (MSDUN13.EXE) available from
- Have you tried installing (on win95) winsock2/ MS DUN update?
- Are you using win95/98/NT?
- Can you view webpages with no problem?
- Have you entered the correct mail server/ account details into the mail clients?
- Can you ping your ISP's mail server? (go to start/run and type PING or whatever you enter in the POP3 server box)
- Have you tried getting a 3rd party POP3 account to see if that works? Yahoo! mail offers POP3 access...
you dial in password and username are usually different than your dial in password... also, you have to put in the correct pop3 and smtp server addresses in the email client
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ViRoy: You are new, and for that reason you're forgiven for making a few mistakes; but please heed the warnings you have been given elsewhere and stop locking down questions with patronising non-answers that (in this case) do not even make sense ("you dial in password and username are usually different than your dial in password").

Please learn the difference between a comment and an answer or you will make enemies on here very quickly.

davidtoo: please reject this "answer" and provide some feedback so that we can continue solving your problem.
davidtooAuthor Commented:
ViRoy, I have made sure that all the info is correct.

I am sorry that my question was so badly phrased and I provided so little clear information. Excuse, after so many hours of struggling my brain was dead. :)

The problem has been solved by using paulyames suggestion to install a new DUN. I installed MSDUN 13 and it did the trick. How do I reward pauljaymes for getting me up and running on the net with my laptop?
davidtooAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the timely help. I'm sorry I'm so late in replying. I didn't receive the usual notification.
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