Plug and Flush!!! (Zoom PCI problems)

I have a Zoom PCI 56k modem that I would like to use.  I would really appreciate being able to log on to the internet without having to go next door!  I run Slackware 7 on Intel.  Nobody can seem to tell me how to set this up.  PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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foxrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Asuming this is not a WinModem (which won't work), do the following.
1 Remove your modem from the system and reboot your machine,
2 Go into your bios and disable one of your com ports.
3 Power off the machine.
4 Reinstall your modem and reboot. This will allow PnP to   configure your modem to the missing COM port.
5 Go into your BIOS again and disable the PnP function.
6 This should get you going.
I would suggest starting by reading the Modem-HOWTO, Serial-HOWTO and the PPP-HOWTO available in the doc subdirectory of most distribution CD's or at  You might also find some tips in the ISP-Connectivity mini-HOWTO (same source, /mini subdirectory).

However, note that the Modem-HOWTO indicates "The kernel 2.2 serial driver contains no support for the PCI bus. But current kernels 2.3 and (eventually 2.4) will support some PCI serial cards (and modem cards). Most PCI cards need special support in the driver. ..."

Since it is a plug and play modem, you may be able to configure it under Windows, then use the settings under Linux, but there may be other requirements from the OS plug-and-play support that are not in the serial driver at this point.

Good luck!
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