browser invokes dialer no longer

Running Netscape version 4.7 used to invoke the dialer automatically.  It no longer does that.  I could re-install Netscape to fix the problem.  Is there a way to re-establish this link without re-installing Netscape?
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Assuming this is the same as IE then here's what you need to do:

Start/CPanel/INternet Options

Go to connections Tab and reset the always dial (or whenever there is no network if yo have that luxury)

You can also set the dial out option on this window.



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pcmanAuthor Commented:
nvt1, - Your response is appreciated.  I'm trying various fixes for my father-in-law in phoenix AZ and doing it long distance by phone.  I'm gathering all the info I can.  He's a novice on the computer and have to guide him every step of the way.  I setup his system and it worked fine when I setup up on my last visit.  I don't know why it would have suddenly stopped dialing.(??)I'll get back to you with the results later today.

Thanks again!
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