Ethrnet in Linux

How can I indentify data flow in Ethernet using Linux?
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PRamseyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The above will work fine for packet amounts and ip sniffing... But if you want a protocol analyzer, ethereal is your best bet.  It's GUI under X and can monitor multiple nics.  It's filters work fine and its gpl'd.
(I use it almost every day without question.) and just for kicks, if your want to monitor a remote site, grab VNC. is Ethereal's home page.  I can't remember right off hand the homepage for VNC. (try

Ethernet or IP?  For IP, there is "iptraf", "sniffit", "tcpdump", and (I believe) "scotty".  Some of these will recognize other network layers, too.

For just Ethernet sniffing...  I'm not sure.

-- Brian

If you just need to know the quantity of traffic, the
ifconfig command (/sbin/ifconfig on RedHat and probably most distributions) lists the number of packets received, transmited and the number of errors on each interface.  

You can put it in a loop by entering:

$while $1
>sleep 1
>echo " "
(The echo line is to pad space, so the numbers end up in the same spot on the screen.  Delete or add more depending on your screen size. Or if your running it on an xterm window, adjust the size of the window.) Do this in ne xterm, and do your 'stuff' in another and monitor the number of packets . . .

Hope this helps.
robgomAuthor Commented:
If you cant tell me  more about these send an email to I want to know about the overhead over the differents layers in the network,
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