400 points - Please help!!

I've submitted this question before and I haven't received any answers.  I've also submitted this in the database-general category, and between the three questions there's 400 points at stake.  Answer my question and I'll credit you the points for all three questions.  I suspect that it is not very difficult but I'm not very experienced with databases.  

I'm learning sql thru the SAMS text Database Progamming with Visual C++ in 21 days.  I'm going thru the example in day 4, which is to load the database engine into an list control.  Instead of loading properly, an exception is thrown, with the following information:

 Code Meaning = Unspecified error
 Source = Microsoft JET Database Engine
 Description = Couldn't find installable ISAM.

I take it this means something necessary isn't installed on my system.  Can anybody help me on what I need to get to fix it?

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If SQL is what you want to learn, use MS Acces ans SQL view if you are creating queries.

Anyway, the Jet help gives:
Couldn't find installable ISAM. (Error 3170)

The DLL for an installable ISAM file couldn't be found. This file is required for linking external tables (other than ODBC or Microsoft Jet database tables). The locations for all ISAM drivers are maintained in the Windows Registry. These entries are created automatically when you install your application. If you change the location of these drivers, you need to correct your application Setup program to reflect this change and make the correct entries in the Registry.

Possible causes:

·      An entry in the Registry isn't valid. For example, this error occurs if you're using a Paradox external database, and the Paradox entry points to a nonexistent directory or driver. Exit the application, correct the Windows Registry, and try the operation again.
·      One of the entries in the Registry points to a network drive and that network isn't connected. Make sure the network is available, and then try the operation again.

Check with the ODBC administartor if the tekstdriver is installed at all. Also look in the registry, the keyname is (on my system) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Jet\3.5\ISAM Formats\Text
You may have to run the MS Access or Office Setup again if it is missing.

Also note that you can do very little with a tekst database, an MS Access db gives you a much better SQL support and doesn't suffer from the ISAM syndrome.
koziscoolAuthor Commented:

First of all, big-picturewise, I'm trying to learn SQL and to be able to embed SQl and I/O thru c++ stored procedures.  Thus the text that I'm using.  If you have any suggestions for this, let me know.

As far as the problem itself is concerned, I think we might be getting somewhere here.  I was wondering why I'm getting this ISAM error when my data source is an *.mdb file.  Somehow Jet(?) thinks its looking for an ISAM file instead.  There's only a couple of things I can think of.  1.  There's a registry entry that points to somewhere bad.  2.  I need to reinstall some drivers from VC6.0 setup.  They might not even be mutually exclusive.  If you can help, please do.  I'm increasing the points again.
I think I understood your goal wrong; I thought you were trying to access data in an ODBC source from C++. Now it seems you are using C++ to implement stored procedures?
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koziscoolAuthor Commented:

Right.  The I have access to the original data through 3rd party apps like Bloomberg and XL.  I do some calculations on the original data in my own c++ code.  Now I need a way to store and retrieve my own output data.  Flat files would work except that I'll want to be able to do queries and joins as well.  Thus, I'm learning SQL and the ado c++ api in the text I mentioned before.
Make sure:
that a proper DSN is used (check that the driver is an access .mdb driver).
the ODBC connection works, use a tool like WinSQL (http://www.imranweb.com/) or iSQL.
Your code connects with the Database through ODBC. Use DSN's to specify the database.


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koziscoolAuthor Commented:

This question is still live, but I wanted to credit Roo for the comments he's made so far.
Thank you
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