Referencing Class Objects

I have a class which declares controls as

Public WithEvents txtName As TextBox

I need to be able to check that the class actually does have this control object. I will use many of these classes.

Ideally I want to be able to do is reference the classes controls like class("txtName") or something similar.
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Ok..  Your sort of on the right track and sort of not.. this is a very confusing matter that fried my mind when I first started with it..

Let me explain like this..

In your class module (call it MyClass):

public withevents txtname as TextBox

' from this point on, you can access it
' just like if you were to place a
' control on a form..

private sub txtname_GotFocus()
   txtname.selstart = 0
   txtname.sellength = len(txtname.text)
end sub

Now, on the form that your going to use this new class. create a new textbox (name it text1)

dim cMyClass as MyClass

private sub form_load()
   set cMyClass = new MyClass
       set cMyClass.txtName = Text1

At this point, all the event code that you have in your class module will now be "inherited" by the text1 textbox.

I have a standard textbox class that I use that I have written a "style" property into.. based on the value of that property, it will only allow upper case, lower case, or numeric only input.

if you need it for a TextBox - why not use ACtiveX Control or UserControl ?
you can add EVENTS for that too.
You can do it with a user control no problem.. but if you write and compile a seperate ActiveX control, than that's just one more thing to distribute with your application...
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julianpointerAuthor Commented:
Hi datacop, thanks for your help but what im after is a way to assign dynamically controls that are created at run time to a class with the controls events.

All the controls are created dynamically on an instance of a child form. I then set the child form's controls it's class control(only if it exists in the class).
What I need to do is check that in the class there is an object called txtName that I will then set to the txtName created on the child form.


Try the CallByName function in VB6.
If the Property you are calling does not exist, you'll get a runtime error which you can trap.
julianpointerAuthor Commented:
No, this is for functions only.... I need to be able to check if an object exists in the class.
CallByName is not only for functions (RTFM!)

The way I see it, you have declared your object as a property of your class. Even though you declare it as a public variable, VB will translate this into Property Get and Property Set functions.

CallByName allows you to use Set, Get Let on Properties of a class as well as simply call its Functions.

Again, if the property does not exist in the class, you get a trappable runtime error.

Try this:
put a textbox on your form

Option Explicit
Public moExt As cExtender
Private Sub Form_Load()
    Set moExt = New cExtender
    CallByName moExt, "ExtTextBox", _
          VbSet, Text1
End Sub

Your class module looks like this:
Option Explicit

Public WithEvents ExtTextbox As TextBox

Private Sub ExtTextbox_Click()
    MsgBox "you clicked"
End Sub

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julianpointerAuthor Commented:
Thanks twuyst,  works a treat... just what i wanted.
should it work in VB5 ?

-> cExtender is not defined.
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