I can't configure my modem Davicom

I have internal modem Davicom 33.6 .When I try to configure it I set it to com3 under Linux,but when I run minicom there is no answer from the modem.I tried to configure it with isapnp and I saw Linux found my modem.Can you tell me how to set my modem with isapnp? I have isapnp.conf file which contains information abount my modem,but which one I should choose,which IRQ ,is IRQ 15 is all right?
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kc5sigConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Com Ports *generally* use the following IRQ's:

Com  IRQ  Linux Name
 1    4   /dev/cua0
 2    3   /dev/cua1
 3    4   /dev/cua2
 4    3   /dev/cua3

Note that 1/3 and 2/4 use the same IRQ.  If you have other serial devices (mouse, etc.) Then you need to set the modem up not to conflict with the other device.

Good Luck!
marichAuthor Commented:
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