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I recently found my bootdisk destroyed and the only file i couldnt recover was initrd.  where would I be able to get this file and even if I could get all the files onto another disk, would it still act as a startup disk or would it say non-system disk error?
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rwenzlaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your distribution should come with the initrd.img file.

RedHat 5.2's is on the CD under misc/src/trees/initrd.img.

It is also on the CD under dosutils with a rawwrite tool to make bootdisks from DOS.

To do one from Linux, there's a command /sbin/mkinitrd that takes the items you need as parameters to make your custom initrd.

Copying the files is not enough.  You will need to use lilo (or equiv.) to write a boot sector to the disk.

See /usr/doc/HOWTO/BootDisk-HOWTO.
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