Frames: link to 'display.htm' not displ. properly

I have a frames page with 3 frames.
(left col. - all the way down) border.htm
(top row) top.htm
(2nd row) display.htm

I have name links from 'border.htm' to .jpg files be shown in
'display.htm' - and they do, but not in the frame! When the link is clicked, another window opens and shows a large size graphic.

The .jpg files were originally scanned at a very high resolution for paper reproduction; I've used P'shop to crop them, and to reduce their size. I don't know whether this has anything to do with it, though.
What do I need to do to display the .jpg files at a certain size to fit into this particular frame? (display.htm)
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Angie111297Author Commented:
Edited text of question.
When you set up your frameset, did you name the frames?

<FRAME SRC="border.htm" NAME="left" SCROLLING=AUTO frameborder="no" border="0">

Assuming you name the frame where you want the image to display in as NAME="display",  the link would look like this:

<a href="some.jpg" target="display">click me</a>
Angie111297Author Commented:
this is the frameset:

<frameset cols="20%,*" rows="*" FRAMEBORDER=NO BORDER=0>
  <frame src="border.htm">
  <frameset rows="204,*" cols="*" FRAMEBORDER=NO BORDER=0>
    <frame src="topframe.htm" frameborder="NO" scrolling="NO">
    <frame src="display.htm">

Originally I had a pixel size in columns, but as I added to border.htm it kept scrolling; 20% works OK.

topframe.htm is fine;
maybe, it's the images (.jpg files) that are the problem - they keep showing in a window by themselves, rather than in display.htm

this is from border.htm (clicking the name Vortex is supposed to show vortex.jpg in display.htm):

<p align="center"><a href="pics/vortex.jpg" base target="display.htm" width="357" height="*"><font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="3"><b>Vortex

Just looking at this again, maybe it's the align=center  ??
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OK, here's your problem:
You can not address a frame by the name of the document it displays, but by its *own* name. You need to modify your frameset so that it looks like this:

<frameset ...>
  <frame src="border.htm">
  <frameset ...>
    <frame src="topframe.htm" name="my_top">
    <frame src="display.htm" name="my_display">

Now you are able to specify the output-target using the names given above, so your link should look like this:

<a href="vortex.jpg" target="my_display">

If you use target="display.htm" instead the browser will look for a frame that has been given that particular name and find none. Thus he will open a new window - which is exactly what you have encountered.

Hope this helps!
 is correct. He gave the expanded explanation after seeing your frameset.  The reason things were opening in a new window is that is the default behavior for an unspecified or invalid target.
Gary GordonWebsite Developer, Designer, SEO and Online Marketing specialist.Commented:

Unless by some miracle the above answered worked, I think (if I am understanding your problem correctly) your dilemma is as follows ... and is very brief.

You need to simply include a TARGET for each link.

You can either set the target up in the HEAD section as a "BASE TARGET="page.htm"   or  you can add the TARGET in with each link - such as  <A HREF="picture.jpg" TARGET="display.htm">Your Image</A>

That's it.  

Now, if I understood your problem, this should fix it.

Just remember the TARGET.

Gary M. Gordon

(PS:  If you'd include the URL to the web page, it would be easier to tell you exactly what you need to do.)

Gary: I am afraid you're making the same mistake as Angie.

Angie tried to direct the output to a certain frame using
"<a href="pics/vortex.jpg" base target="display.htm">"

and you suggest the same:
<A HREF="picture.jpg" TARGET="display.htm">

Still this won't work for the reasons mentioned in my comment above. You can't use the document's name as a target but you have to declare a name for the frame instead!
Angie111297Author Commented:
My points go to Gnissman (please tell me (again) how!!)

I made no changes to top.htm or border.htm (they have other content and displayed OK in N'scape);

I changed the following (as advised to by Gnissman):

in Frameset  (my "default.htm") I changed

<frame src="display.htm">   to
<frame scr="display.htm" name="display"">

in Border.htm I changed
<a href="vortex.jpg" target="display.htm"   to

<a href="vortex.jpg" target="display">

and it worked!!! -

except for the size of the displayed picture..
I'll post that problem as a new question, unless I can solve it myself.
Hi Angie!

In order to grant me the points you first have to reject the answer by garymgordon. Afterwards I will be able to post an answer which you can then accept.

If you have any further questions - feel free to ask!

I just saw your profile and really would like to talk to you outside of EE. I will tell you the reasons if you drop me a line at (which is just a temp. address I put up for you to reach me)

I am really looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Angie111297Author Commented:
Because Gneissman's answer worked for me.
see my comment above :o)

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