Searching for old graphic adventures

I am looking for these titles :
Maupiti Island (Lankhor / Ubi-Soft)
Altered Destiny (Accolade)
Mystery of the Mummy
Elvira 2 (Horrorsoft/Accolade)
Geisha (Tomahawk)
Suspicious Cargo (Gremlin)
Apprentice (AVM)
Chrono Quest I & II (Psygnosis)
Final Battle
Wonderland (Magnetic Scrolls)
Time Quest (Legend)
Journey (Infocom)
The Tracer Sanction (Interplay)
Legend Of The Sword
Borrowed Time (Interplay)

Is there a site where I can find them?
(Original I mean)
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raddersConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The best site I've found for old games is:

The later is recommended

I've found a couple of titles above for you, but if you browse around this site, your should find more.

Altered Destiny:

Elvira 2:

( has a good graphic adventure list)
Well skiabox, If you looking for an Old DOS Games, and it's not produced nor be found at any store. Go to What we called : AbandonWare or Ring Of Ages.

Try one of the best :

Action, Simulation, RPG, Adventure, Text, Strategy, etc...etc.... all are there...

Good Luck.

skiaboxAuthor Commented:
Too small collection og games there
skiaboxAuthor Commented:
All Courses

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