how to create help file ?

how do we create help file ?
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watyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try Robohelp, it is very good
You have to use the Help Creator Workshop on the CD. You set the help file name in the project properties. You set the Help ContextID in each form.

You create a .RTF file with help in it with topic markers.

You use the HCW to create a MAP that associates the numeric Help ContextID's from your program with the topic NAMES in your .RTF File.

Run the compiler and it should take your help .RTF and any associated graphics and create a .HLP file that appears when you press <F1> in your app.

Capture all screen snapshots in 256 color .BMP mode.

Don't use WordPAD or Word to create the RTF file. The help file version of RTF is not 100% compatible with Word/Wordpad.

Don't go crazy and put a HelpContextID on every control. If you do and you don't have a MAP entry defined linking that ID to a topic in the RTF when the user presses <F1> they'll get an error message telling them to "Contact the Program Vendor".

The RTF format is sort of HTMLish. It works basically the same with start and stop markers in the running ASCII text.

RoboHelp is a big improvement over the HCW and worth the $$$.

Take a look at  There, you'll find quite a few shareware and freeware tools for creating WinHelp and HTML Help files.  Try a few out, then pick out the one that works best for you.
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