Minimize/Put UI thread window in 'minimized windows' bar

I have several windows in my application. Each window runs in separate UI thread.When i minimize one of them- it minimized to the bottom of the screen , and not to the bar where the "Start button" and all other minimized windows showed.How can i (if i can?)  to place each of the windows into this bar?
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BridgeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For them to go to the task bar they need;
     1 ) to be modeless.
     2 ) to have the WS_EX_APPWINDOW style.
dmitry1Author Commented:
I mean - why some windows(during creation) don't place their "Buttons" in the Windows bottom bar ,and how i can control it?
dmitry1Author Commented:
Thanks a lot !
In my application it works in modal dialogs too (when inserted in OnInitDialog() ).
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