Outlook Not starting properly

I have IE5 but my outlook start after a great delay. prevously when I had IE5, it was not like that, in fact I have to install Windows 98 again. It installs IE4, so after that I install IE5, but outlook and all its functions are running after a great delay.
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found one here that does the same...  go to IE right click properties and then connections tab and select radio button next to NEVER DIAL a connection and it stopped.. The user here also uses a dial up account on this station with a modem and doesnt have to unselect that to access his netzero account. so there is your resolve...try that...

outlook uses IE defualt dial up setting to connect so you can also set this to lan if you allow your user to access internet that way...

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let me know if that works
disreguard this answer... it pertains to another question and my link is wrong... sorry..
fmuftiAuthor Commented:
I have found the solution myself, uninstall IE5, uninstall Outlook 4, install IE5 !!!!!!!!!!!
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